We have the toughest customers in the world - perfect!

  • Made by BEASTOWNER

    Our customers have high demands. We know this - and therefore we conceive and produce our own BEASTOWNER products according to the highest standards.




    Nothing lasts for ever – but, we come quite close! Most of our products are made for everyday use and outside in all weathers. We therefore pay special attention to the details in the quality of workmanship. Our products are made by hand in Switzerland and Germany. This gives every single product its individual character, which you can see and feel.



    Second time around! As far as possible we use materials which have been or can be recycled. Of course this is not at the expense of product quality, which must always be first class. We therefore employ material specialists who know exactly where the best materials can be found and how to get them.



    Comfort please! Although our products may “have a rough ride”, there should nevertheless be a high level of comfort. For this reason we pay special attention to an ideal fit and to ergonomic principles.



    We have only one environment!  So we must take care of it. We and our partners make sure that international environmental protection standards are observed at all stages of production. Sometimes this is not enough - and so we do things even better. We pay attention to the details because great things often begin very small.



    Many things work better with teamwork! In our selection of partners and work in cooperation we therefore pay particular attention that mutual principles are observed.

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