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Here you find everything for animal lovers and animals – regardless of the type of animal or their breed.
Discover the World of BeastOwner for yourself.

  • Become a real BEASTOWNER!

    We are here at the service of all pet owners who enjoy life more and more everyday with their pet. Discover all the possibilities as a real “BEASTOWNER” and open your personal user account. You will receive instant access to interesting and useful tips for man and beast. For example:

    • Set up your user profile – quick, safe and free
    • Compile a Pet Profile
    • Everything about your pet all together in one place: Photos, happy moments, dates, documents, health information, facts ...
    • Invite & create co-owners of your animals: e.g. kids, life partner, parents, grandparents, friends, boarding kennels, ...
    • Upload the latest news and share with friends
    • Set up files for contacts and favorites
    • Exchange views with other animal lovers
    • Set up groups for interactive communications and meetings

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  • Do you have a “Beast” at home?

    At BEASTOWNER we call the animals “beasts” but we mean it with affection ! If you set up a Pet Profile with us, then not only because you wish to publish it at a later date. We know that over time, a great deal of information about an animal comes together. Just record this information under your Pet Profile where everything is safe and immediately accessible. You can of course decide what is private or what can be made public. Here are some selected examples:

    Public Information:

    • General profile site for your beast with selected data
    • Selected entries (updates) with texts, photos, etc.

    Private Information:

    • Extensive data about your animal
    • Due or recurring dates and reminders
    • All entries (updates). Example: Texts, photos, details of weight, dates, diagnoses, vaccinations, notes on nutrition, experiences, etc.
    • Health status and veterenary information
    • Document File (vaccination pass, prescriptions, pedigrees, etc.)
    • Pedigree data

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  • BEASTTAGs are Animal IDs and an innovation from BEASTOWNER. They combine an individual name tag with a modern QR code. Thereby you provide optimal security for your pet or animal.

    • Suitable for almost all types of animals and breeds.
    • Create your own design in text and color.
    • Choose a form: Ring tag, Harness logo or Pendant.
    • Fit all collars, harnesses, leashes, eyelets etc.
    • You specify the contents of the QR code.
    • Robust, lightweight, safe and soundless when worn.
    • Partly with Insertion Bag for e.g. official dog tag.
    • Including online profile and many features for you and your anmimal - free of cost on

    With our Product-Designer you can set up your Beast ID quickly, easily and with flexibility; place your order and rely on delivery within a few days to the given address.

    These animal identifications are subject to utility model protection and are available only at BEASTOWNER.

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  • The Animal ID Label

  • QR Labels for Dogs

  • QR Labels for Cats

  • QR Labels for Horses

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  • Full Solution for Tracking of pets and animals. BEASTTRACKER.

    We operate a professional full-solution-package for tracking and locating of animals/pets. The hardware and functionalities are directly integrated in our overall platform approach. Some of our functionality is truly unique in this area:

    • Modern GPS Hardware. Small, feathery and powerful
    • Professional Tracking Software for Desktop and App
    • Included Dataconnection to more than 150 Networks worldwide
    • Animal tracking for your own pets/animals
    • Animal tracking for co-owned beasts (when you are co-owner)
    • Save and archive tracks
    • live locating & tracking
    • List-view or Map-view
    • Comprehensive analysis and statistics
    • Transfer tracks to Google Earth (KML)
    • ... and you have access to all other platform functionality of BEASTOWNER

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  • With the help of our BEASTBAG you can attach small objects safely to your beast. One example: Tracking.

    • Put a mobile telephone/Smartphone in the BeastBag.
    • Attach the bag easily and securely to your animal.
    • Locate your beast via GPS sender of the telephone.

    More special features of the Beast Bag:

    • Lightweight, robust, secure and water repellent.
    • Simple attachment either horizontal or vertical, to collar, harness, belt, straps etc.
    • Design your own print and content of texts.
    • Select from diverse sizes and colors.Specify the print and content of the QR code. 

    With our Product-Designer you can set up your Beast Bag quickly, easily and with flexibility; place your order and rely on delivery within a few days to the given address.

    These Beast Bags are subject to utility model protection and are available only at BEASTOWNER.


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  • Of course, with animals, many things happen while outside. BEASTOWNER is therefore also available for mobile access.

    Just check out our up-to-the-minute website or one of our Apps. Then you have all the functions at your fingertips anywhere, anytime. 

    But, there is more: our Apps offer you additional benefits:

    Active tracking of an animal via App.

    You can use the BEASTOWNER Apps also as "Sender" in conjunction with a smartphone and attaching a “BEASTBAG” to your animal. In this way you can locate your beast and you know where the animal is at all times.

    Scanning a QR Code Beast Identification with the App.

    The integrated QR Code Reader enables you to read directly and instantly you will receive the information you want.

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  • Become a BEASTOWNER Partner

    If you like the BEASTOWNER concept and if you have a business with animals or are involved in an animal initiative, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Become a Partner of BEASTOWNER. We offer you special Partner Programs for a great variety of cooperation models.

    If you are interested then please contact the named partner who will be pleased to contact you to discuss possible joint procedures with you.

      Contact us 

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