The modern social community network for animal lovers and pets.

The modern social community network for animal lovers and pets.

You like animals? Our community and platform has lots of new ideas and possibilities for pet owners and animal lovers. You can set up your own user account – quick, safe and free of charge. You will receive super useful functions for yourself and for your pet.

Entdecken Sie die Möglichkeiten und werden Sie ein echter „BEASTOWNER“ und eröffnen Sie Ihr persönliches Benutzerkonto. Nützlich. Kostenlos. Sicher.

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Either for yourself, your whole family or if you may also be a supplier. BEASTOWNER is the right place for you when you love animals. Organize all the different information about pets easily and safely in one place. Or simply exchange views with other pet owners.

Animal profiles: Organize or present your pet easily

Animal profiles: Organize or present your pet easily

You have one or even more pets?  Then set up a “pet profile” for each of your anmimals. You can collate all your private information about your pets there. If you wish to share with others, then of course this is also quite easy to do.

BeastTAG: Individual ID-TAGs with QR Code for your animals

BeastTAG: Individual ID-TAGs with QR Code for your animals

The modern and secure ID TAG for pets and animals. The only ID TAG with QR Code you can completely individualize by online configuration! Various shapes allow the usage of the TAGs as ID with a harness or just with all types of collars/neckbands or belts for cats, dogs or horses. This ID TAGs are extreme stable and can be worn soundless and comfortable by the animal.

Active GPS Pet & Animal Tracking with BeastOwner

Active GPS Pet & Animal Tracking with BEASTOWNER

Find out here how to keep track of your animal easy and cost-efficient. Discover just how easy active locating or tracking of your animals with GPS and BEASTOWNER can be.  Only here! BEASTOWNER Tracking Services can be connected to GPS Hardware Devices from various manufacturers.

  • The Animal ID Label

  • QR Labels for Dogs

  • QR Labels for Cats

  • QR Labels for Horses

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  • Full Solution for Tracking of pets and animals. BEASTTRACKER.

    We operate a professional full-solution-package for tracking and locating of animals/pets. The hardware and functionalities are directly integrated in our overall platform approach. Some of our functionality is truly unique in this area:

    • Modern GPS Hardware. Small, feathery and powerful
    • Professional Tracking Software for Desktop and App
    • Included Dataconnection to more than 150 Networks worldwide
    • Animal tracking for your own pets/animals
    • Animal tracking for co-owned beasts (when you are co-owner)
    • Save and archive tracks
    • live locating & tracking
    • List-view or Map-view
    • Comprehensive analysis and statistics
    • Transfer tracks to Google Earth (KML)
    • ... and you have access to all other platform functionality of BEASTOWNER

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  • BEASTTAGs are Animal IDs and an innovation from BEASTOWNER. They combine an individual name tag with a modern QR code. Thereby you provide optimal security for your pet or animal.

    • Suitable for almost all types of animals and breeds.
    • Create your own design in text and color.
    • Choose a form: Ring tag, Harness logo or Pendant.
    • Fit all collars, harnesses, leashes, eyelets etc.
    • You specify the contents of the QR code.
    • Robust, lightweight, safe and soundless when worn.
    • Partly with Insertion Bag for e.g. official dog tag.
    • Including online profile and many features for you and your anmimal - free of cost on

    With our Product-Designer you can set up your Beast ID quickly, easily and with flexibility; place your order and rely on delivery within a few days to the given address.

    These animal identifications are subject to utility model protection and are available only at BEASTOWNER.

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