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  • BEASTTAGs are Animal IDs and an innovation from BEASTOWNER. They combine an individual name tag with a modern QR code. Thereby you provide optimal security for your pet or animal.

    • Suitable for almost all types of animals and breeds.
    • Create your own design in text and color.
    • Choose a form: Ring tag, Harness logo or Pendant.
    • Fit all collars, harnesses, leashes, eyelets etc.
    • You specify the contents of the QR code.
    • Robust, lightweight, safe and soundless when worn.
    • Partly with Insertion Bag for e.g. official dog tag.
    • Including online profile and many features for you and your anmimal - free of cost on

    With our Product-Designer you can set up your Beast ID quickly, easily and with flexibility; place your order and rely on delivery within a few days to the given address.

    These animal identifications are subject to utility model protection and are available only at BEASTOWNER.

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