BEASTTAG ID labels with QR Code for Dogs

How does the animal ID label with QR code work?

  • With an BeastTag animal ID you can provide high security for your pets & animals:
    • Text information and modern QR Code technology help to identify and find your pets and animals.
    • In case of loss modern search functionality and professional map views help to bring your pet or animal back home.
    • The QR Code printed on the animal ID label can easily be identified with every smartphone camera.
  • Our animal ID labels provide interesting features:
    • They come in several shapes and can be fastened to the animal by flexible fastening technology.
    • The labels are ultra-thin, leight, stabel, secure and can be worn without making any noise. And the look & feel is great.
    • With our product configurator you can design your unique labels: individual text info, text color, background color, shape, etc.
    • The QR code can also be defined by your own (link to animal profile, URL, SMS, vCard, eMail, phone number etc.)
  • Register on BEASTOWNER for free and get fantastic platform features on one of the world-class community platforms for animal lovers, pets and animals in addition.
  • Create a animal profile of you pet and connect it to your animal ID label:
    • In the profile information can be stored, archived, displayed or shared:
      e.g. images, status-updates, notes, dates, documents, pedigree information, medical dignosis etc.
    • And you are always in control what is shown public and what is private.

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