With us you design your own product

BeastOwner products all have one thing in common: Innovation, function, fun and individuality.

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  • Design an individual product with our Product Designer. Most BEASTOWNER products can be made individual, e.g.:

    • Printed texts: Up to 4 free text lines or additional information.
    • QR code: You decide what should be coded and how.
      • Extensive address data (vCard)
      • Web address (URL)
      • Telephone number with direct connection
      • E-mail message
      • SMS message
      • Link the QR code directly to the web address of a beast profile.
    • Colors: Free selection of your desired colors
    • Forms: We offer many practical  forms.

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  • The Animal ID Label

  • QR Labels for Dogs

  • QR Labels for Cats

  • QR Labels for Horses

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  • What is a QR Code?

    QR Codes (Quick Response Code) can be read by Smartphones or Tablet computers. QR Codes can store e.g. a web address, postal address, contact information (vCard), telephone number, short message (SMS) or just text information.  Learn more ...



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