It sounds new and it is new! The BEASTBAG can be used universally for attaching smaller objects with ease to your animal.

With our Product-Designer you can quickly and easily create a flexible BEASTBAG.  You will then receive your individual creation, for example, with a printed QR code, own text and with your own color scheme and available in different sizes.

Your order will be delivered directly to the specified address within a few days, reliability guaranteed. BEASTBAGs are protected patents and thus available solely from BeastOwner.

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  • Design by yourself ...

    You can design BEASTBAGs by your own wishes and needs. Thus each BEASTBAG is a individual item and unique! With our Product-Designer you can e.g. select following options:

    General Design

    • Shape
    • Size
    • Material
    • Color

    Printed Text

    • Four (4) lines for you individual text
    • Individual Text color

    QR-Code: Type and Print

    • You choose what kind of QR code should be printed e.g.:
      • Web Address (URL)
      • SMS Message
      • E-Mail Message
      • Telephone Number
      • Address (vCard)
    • You have created a animal profile on BEASTOWNER? Then you can code a Direct Link to this animal profile to the QR code.
    • Or - you just can leave the QR code.
  • Product Charakteristics

    BEASTBAGs are high quality products and respect ergonomics, wearing comfort and environmental safety.

    Individual Production

    • Assembly on you request
    • Hand Work production in Switzerland and Germany


    • Tarpaulin (Tarp)
    • Ultra-leight
    • Tearproof
    • UV resistent
    • Water repellent
    • Abrasion resistent


    • UV digital print with extra lamination
    • High resolution
    • UV resistent
    • Water resistent
    • Abrasion resistent


    • Hermetic fastener
    • Hook-and-loop fastener (Velcro)


    • Hanger/Backstrap (hroizontal & vertical)
    • Hook-and-loop fastener (Velcro)
    • First class material
    • Extreme lasting

    BEASTBAGs are protected patents and thus available solely from BEASTOWNER.

  • Examples in practice

    With the aid of the BEASTBAG you can attach small items to your animal simply and safely. The BEASTBAG is also suitable to take electronic devices.

    One example: Tracking animals

    1. Put  suitable Smartphone in the bag.
    2. Fix the bag easily and securely to the animal 
    3. Locate your beast via the GPS sender of the Smartphone.

    This is a low-cost solution for locating an animal as simple or older model Smartphones are also ideally suited for this purpose. The Smartphone needs only a GPS sender and the installation of BEASTOWNER Tracking Software from an App-Store. Then you can discover the whereabouts of your animal at any time.

    Conclusion: The BEASTBAG thus solves the real problem, that of fixing the Smartphone simply to the animal but at the same time protected and over the long term.

    There are many more possibilities for the use of the BEASTBAG. We would also be most interested to hear your ideas.

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  • What is a QR Code?

    QR Codes (Quick Response Code) can be read by Smartphones or Tablet computers. QR Codes can store e.g. a web address, postal address, contact information (vCard), telephone number, short message (SMS) or just text information.  Learn more ...



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