Good reasons for you to like our Community Platform

  • Social. Functional. Safe.

    • Unique community platform for animal lovers and pets.
    • Its fun and there are many practical benefits for pet owners and animal lovers.
    • Data security is guaranteed according to the laws of Switzerland and the private sphere of the individual.
    • Central records of all information about your beast all in one file.
    • Easy presentation of information in Internet.
    • Seamless connection between the digital and real world.
    • Product innovations for everyday and the wellbeing of your pets.
    • Help in increasing connections between man and animal.
    • Access at all times to our services, from home or en route.

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  • Your User Account

    Regardless of whether your user account is private for one person or is set up on behalf of a company, it is always free of charge. With your account you will receive your “Admission Ticket” to our platform, a user profile and many functions. In other words, you become a real “BEASTOWNER”.

    Via your personal profile you can show some of your interests or share your knowledge. Here you can enter profiles of your animals. If you are registered with BEASTOWNER as a company then here you can reach potential customers who are looking for relevant offers and services in the animal world.

    Of course you are always in control of everything you wish to make public. There is one thing which unites all our Users, namely, the love of animals. Set up your own user account and enjoy all the benefits offered by BEASTOWNER.

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  • Profiles of your animals

    Do you have an animal – or maybe several animals? Then off you go! Set up your own profiles of your animals under your user account – easy and free of charge.

    A beast profile is very useful and helps you to organize easily all the information about your animals such that you always have all the essential information about your animal in one file, for example:

    • Personal notes and reminders
    • Weight: details and development
    • Health status and veterinary notes
    • Photos, videos and your own text information
    • Notes on feeding
    • Full documents such as: beast ID, vaccination book, pedigree, prescriptions etc.
    • Dates: Vet, vaccinations, training, events etc.
    • Pedigree details and/or awards and more.

    You are always in control in respect of the information which you which to appear for general view, or that which only your circle of friends see or that which is totally private. You can show your beast online via an attractive profile page or share with friends only.

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  • Family & Friends (Co-Owners)

    Often an animal has more than one responsible person, for example, living in a common household. We know that this is often the case and we have prepared for this accordingly: You can nominate or invite several co-owners for one beast profile. In this way several persons can then take over co-responsibility for functions for the animal – e.g. uploading photos or revising the status.

    Even if a co-owner is to be nominated for a limited period only, e.g. boarding kennels in your absence, this function is eminently suitable. The boarding kennel can then also update the status of your beast and you are also in the loop, wherever you happen to be.

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  • Introduce yourself and your animals

    All users and their animals are given an official profile page. The information on these pages is influenced by the respective user. You can decide what should be made public, what only friends should see or what should be kept entirely private. In each case a Profile Page helps you to collate and or display information and to share this with others as you wish.

    The Profile Pages for the animals also have additional benefits, for example, in the case that an animal goes missing. You can then enter a search and the beast profile is automatically identified and displayed under “Lost & Found” on the BEASTOWNER site.

    The beast profile can also be of help in less critical situations: Link with new contacts amongst people who share your opinions and join with together in joint campaign action. 

    There are so many possibilities for using a public profile.

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  • Enter your contents or follow

    Perhaps you already know the “Updates” (or status announcements) from Google+, Facebook or Twitter. At BEASTOWNER you can collect a great deal of information through such updates and collate these to a profile, or just read and forward.

    Updates at BEASTOWNER are characterized in particular that they can be categorized. Here are some examples for Update Categories that you can use:

    • Status Text
    • Photo
    • Video
    • Date
    • Health records
    • Weight data
    • Documents etc.

    For each update you can always enter who should see this information: publication or just for friends or only for personal use. Updates can also be filtered such that for example, you can receive an exact weight curve for your beast when you enter the data regularly and set the filter to “weight”.

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  • Exchanging views and experiences

    BEASTOWNER places global community functions of a social network at your disposal. You can, for example:

    • search and find like-minded animal lovers all over the world but also maybe in your immediate environment.
    • set up contacts with specific legislation which of course can play a role for you.
    • send direct messages and answer replies without having to reveal your e-mail address.
    • draw up a list of favorites with profiles which you wish to note.

    BEASTOWNER also provides you with information about your interests or happenings in your region. For example, you automatically receive suggestions about people in your location who keep similar animals or breeds.

    There are numerous possibilities to use BEASTOWNER for your own purposes.

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  • With BEASTOWNER everyone has an easy, effective and well-priced possibility to locate animals. Find out here how this works:

    1. Register with
    2. Set up a profile for your pet or animal.
    3. Download the BEASTOWNER Tracker App to and install it to a GPS enabled Android Smartphone. Log in with your BEASTOWNER Account, select a Beast Profile and start locating.
    4. You can follow you Beast either on BEASTOWNER Mobile App or Desktop version.

    That`s all! From now on you can locate your beast at anytime to find out where it is. There are professional functions at your disposal such as: real-time location, archiving of tracks, times, directions, height levels and statistic reports.

    Learn more about animal tracking ... 

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  • Lost & Found

    For all eventualities BEASTOWNER also provides a Lost & Found function. Here you can register lost or found animals. Worldwide! In such cases, every minute counts – now it is so quick and easy.

    • Easy to use
    • Professional Search
    • Extensive Filters
    • Search results presented in list and map
    • Search by position and radius

    You will have even more security for your beast if you fit it out with a BeastTag. In this way your animal can be identified and assigned to its owner – easy as child’s play!

    Here you can set up your individual BEASTTAG.

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  • BEASTTAGs are Animal IDs and an innovation from BEASTOWNER. They combine an individual name tag with a modern QR code. Thereby you provide optimal security for your pet or animal.

    • Suitable for almost all types of animals and breeds.
    • Create your own design in text and color.
    • Choose a form: Ring tag, Harness logo or Pendant.
    • Fit all collars, harnesses, leashes, eyelets etc.
    • You specify the contents of the QR code.
    • Robust, lightweight, safe and soundless when worn.
    • Partly with Insertion Bag for e.g. official dog tag.
    • Including online profile and many features for you and your anmimal - free of cost on

    With our Product-Designer you can set up your Beast ID quickly, easily and with flexibility; place your order and rely on delivery within a few days to the given address.

    These animal identifications are subject to utility model protection and are available only at BEASTOWNER.

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  • Dates

    Sometimes - only at the last minute - you only remember:

    • the next follow-up vaccination,
    • an appointment,
    • an animal training session,
    • document expiration dates,
    • feed change,
    • events, etc.

    BEASTOWNER helps you here, too. Just set due appointments or recurring dates. The dates are linked directly to your or your animal’s profile . A reminder is sent out in good time and so it is guaranteed that you don’t miss your date.

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  • Groups

    A group can be created quickly and easily – the group theme is specified by the group owner. Then group members can be invited, communications sent and information received. Examples for groups are:

    • Families
    • Friends
    • Animal schools (dog schools, horse schools, etc.)
    • Pet shops etc.

    We are sure you will find a good way to use our group function for yourself.

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  • Of course, with animals, many things happen while outside. BEASTOWNER is therefore also available for mobile access.

    Just check out our up-to-the-minute website or one of our Apps. Then you have all the functions at your fingertips anywhere, anytime. 

    But, there is more: our Apps offer you additional benefits:

    Active tracking of an animal via App.

    You can use the BEASTOWNER Apps also as "Sender" in conjunction with a smartphone and attaching a “BEASTBAG” to your animal. In this way you can locate your beast and you know where the animal is at all times.

    Scanning a QR Code Beast Identification with the App.

    The integrated QR Code Reader enables you to read directly and instantly you will receive the information you want.

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